Setting up Chinese Input Under Debian

I just got Traditional Chinese input working under Linux. It's actually more straight forward than I thought.

First, install the package scim-chewing. It will pull in all the necessary dependencies.

Next, set up a few environment variables (I put these in my .zshenv file):

export XMODIFIERS="@im=SCIM"
export GTK_IM_MODULE="xim"

Finally, launch scim. An icon will appear in the status bar, where you can configure things.

Update: To enable it in gnome, you need to run

im-switch -s scim

and then reboot.

Update 2011-05-11: You probably want to instead use:

im-switch -s scim-bridge

I discovered that scim mode causes problems with rxvt and other C++ applications.

posted: Mar 4 2009
tags: debian chinese