Kevin's Mutt Patches

IMAP Draft Flag

This patch was merged into mutt on 2015/01/31!

Simon Lundström emailed me with a problem he was having with mutt and FastMail. Drafts "postponed" in mutt were not editable in the FastMail web interface. You could see the draft, but not edit it. I am not that familiar with IMAP, but he gave the helpful tip that mutt didn't seem to be sending the IMAP Draft flag when postponing the message.

Even though I haven't hacked on the mx and IMAP code in mutt, I was able to create a patch in an evening. Upstream hasn't accepted it, but maybe it will help someone else having the same problem. The patch file is here.

Opportunistic Encrypt

This patch series was merged into mutt on 2015/03/31. Please try it out in the default branch in hg!

This patch set implements crypt_opportunistic_encrypt. This option allows mutt to automatically turn encryption on and off based on the message recipients.

When emailing one person, a hook turning on crypt_autoencrypt works well enough, but for multiple recipients it breaks down. The hook will turn on encryption if one of the recipients matches the hook, whether the other recipients support encryption or not.

This patch allows mutt to make the decision for you. It modifies the various find_key methods to query whether all recipients have a crypt-hook or have a key that can be automatically determined.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, it will already be merged. But in case it isn't allowed in, I'm posting the patch set here.

Pager Next New

This was my first attempt at a mutt patch. It's small, and personally I don't use, but am including it here anyway. :-)

This patch creates a new option, pager_next_new, that controls what happens when you reach the end of a message (when pager_stop is unset). If pager_next_new is set, the pager will jump to the next unread message, otherwise it will jump to the next (read or unread) message - the current default behaviour.

This patch was ignored, probably because you can easily enough bind a key to the <next-new> command and just set pager_stop. Still it may be interesting for people who read rss feeds via email and want to just hit space constantly. The patch is available here.