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Software Tips and Tricks

My vim tips and tricks guide.
My mutt tips and tricks guide.
My goobook page and goobook debian packages.
My various app config files.

About Me

my old GPG key (what is GPG?)
my new GPG key (2015-06-01), along with my signed transition statement
my weblog (updated less often than it should be)
All my machines at home run Debian. I've been using Debian since woody, and it's been getting better and better with each release. If you've tried Ubuntu, you should give Debian a shot.
I've been studying Mandarin for several years. I use the excellent Pleco software, currently on Android and an iPad. (I previously used it on a Palm Pilot and then an iPAQ. They've been making their software for quite a while!) It has many dictionaries and a really useful flash card system.



My current router is an OpenWRT based router. I am using the RouterStation Pro board and a case from Netgate. It's nice to be able to ssh into the router, and to have a familiar environment, not to mention a router that is actually maintained.

PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

This isn't a recent project anymore, but many years ago I put together a Myth TV based PVR. Here's some information about my pvr setup.

Friends and Interesting Sites

Cătălin Frâncu's website
Eugenified!, which has excellent and hilarious reviews of restaurants around Eugene.

Comments / Feedback

Just send an email to my first name with this site's domain.
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