Moving everything over to FastMail

Over the past couple years, FastMail has made some pretty major improvements to everything. They've added a very nice Calendar, which can even pull and push data to my Google Calendar. They've souped up their web email interface with a modern interface complete with keybindings. (I spend most of my time in mutt, but it's nice to use the web interface for some things.)

Just recently, they've released a beta for a CardDAV interface to their contacts. This allows me to use a program like pyCardDAV to sync my contacts locally and query them from lbdb/mutt.

In the mean time, all the Google tools seem to get slower and slower. Loading up Gmail downloads about 5+MB of crap for their chat tool, Plus interfaces, and who knows what else. It takes about 20-30 seconds for it to stop downloading after it loads up!

They also continue their path of integrating everything into Google Plus, and since I don't really use that it's just a huge aggravation. Since it's free (of charge), I don't have much standing to complain.

However, I can choose to use something else, and so that's what I am doing. I've started moving everything over to my FastMail email address (this domain's). I'm not closing down the gmail address, but it's definitely deprecated. I've spent the last 10 years dividing my time between the two email addresses, and it feels good to finally be able to use one account for everything.

So long, Gmail!

posted: Apr 1 2015