A month as a committer

Life as a new committer on the mutt development team has been busy but wonderful! I've gone through all my old patches and tickets, and (one by one) re-tested them and pushed them up to the repository.

I have also tried to make an effort to go through some of the patches posted by others and commit the ones I'm comfortable with.

There is still a lot I want to do, but it feels great to have all these fixes and new features in there, and for development to be moving again. The rest of the committers have been very supportive, giving me feedback and advice when I need it.

Recently, I've even been revamping my opportunistic encrypt patch set, with the feedback received from last time. It's a big series, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to get that in. In the mean time, I've posted the patches up on my website.

posted: Feb 8 2015
tags: mutt