Recent projects

I haven't posted in a while, so this is just a quick list of things I've been doing recently.

After playing with the HP 15c Limited Edition, I caught the "HP Calculator" bug and purchased an HP 48g+ on eBay. So recently I've been enjoying reading and trying out a graphing calculator. (My math days pre-dated graphing calculators…). It's pretty cool to move from a single-line display 4-deep stack, to a 4-line display with an "unlimited" stack on the 48. I admire the 15c's engineering and capabilities, but the 48's complex number and matrix support is much easier to use. The 15c is smaller and better for general calculating, while the 48g is definitely an engineering workhorse.

I've tried bitlbee in the past, but never really liked the idea of instant messaging in irssi. If my wife IM's me, I want to see and respond to it quickly. I don't spend that much time in irssi, so bitlbee just didn't work for me. However, recently I hooked it back up and am using it to keep tabs on and twitter posts. I don't care that much about "tweets" to keep a tab open in my browser. However, it's easy enough to have them in irssi and glance whenever I'm there and the channel is highlighted.

I recently tried downloading and running a Tor Browser Bundle. I was surprised how easy it was to run, and although tor is slower, it's quite usable.

My vps used to be run by RapidXen/SystemInPlace. RapidXen was acquired by Enzu, and things have been pretty shaky since then. The original RapidXen owner suddenly quit, and now I don't know what is going on. If anyone has suggestions for a good VPS company, I'd appreciate it.

Also, I've recently started listening to Free As In Freedom oggcasts. My eyes usually glaze over when it comes to licensing issues, but their shows are actually fun and interesting!

posted: Oct 17 2012